Today, the strong presence of angel Zadkiel is coming through with an urgent message.

The wise and compassionate Archangel Zadkiel has seen you do a lot of inner work lately, transmuting anger and resentment into love and compassion.

THe angels can tell that you’ve changed your perspective to one that serves you. You’ve begun to understand that the Universe is always working for you, not against you.

Zadkiel is excited to celebrate your growth and he wanted to share that he’s been supporting you in the angelic realms all along! His gifts are here to support you in remembering our divine origin and mission and show us that through compassion and forgiveness, we are able to access higher states of being.

Although proud, he still asks that you continue to practice unconditional kindness for yourself and others.

This reading is a loving reminder that you are here for a divine purpose and mission. Anger, resentment, and negativity only deter you from your soul’s path!