Wheel of Fortune

Today’s tarot card reading holds a powerful message for you -- please open your heart and mind to this healing message.

The Wheel of Fortune shows up with an urgent reminder that life doesn’t just happen to you -- it’s happening for you. In fact, with each difficult situation you face, you still have control. Your personal power lies within your perception and mindset.

Your soul came here with a destiny and the desire to fulfil certain conditions and lessons along the journey. Some of these lessons are harder than others -- regardless, it’s your duty to remain aligned on your soul mission, maintain a positive mind, and keep faith.

With each lesson you can choose to learn from it, or not. If not, the Universe will continue to repeat the same cycle until your perspective changes. These are known as karmic lessons and they tend to be cyclical, like the Wheel.

The Wheel of Fortune in reverse is reminding you that you are currently learning a lesson and that it’s time to break a cycle!

Once you show the strength and fortitude to truly break the current karmic cycle that you’re in, the Universe will reward you greatly!

Sometimes it’s difficult to do so, but continue to show gratitude and appreciation for these growth spurts in your life. This will bring in more blessings along your journey.