Today is the day that you will receive the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Archangel Uriel is showing up for you today to remove any confusion or blockages you may have in your life.

More than usual, you may be receiving downloads through your dreams, epiphanies while you’re daydreaming, or even ideas coming to you during meditation.

Uriel can tell that you’ve been struggling and wants to help illuminate the path you’re trying to find. He will be sending you messages that offer solutions to problems you’re dealing with in your life/

This angel’s name translates into “God is light” or “God’s light” and his job is to help shed light on dark areas of your life that cause murkiness in your mind or spirit.

Because he is the angel who is full of divine information, ideas, epiphanies, and insights, allow yourself to relax or meditate after you present the problem to him. He is ready and willing to offer many answers at this time.