The World

Although you may not recognize the many opportunities you have right now, the world is truly your oyster!

The World card appeared for you today in the reverse as a sign that you’re just about ready to move onto the next level in your life. In order to be able to do that, you must recognize the divinity in every circumstance you’ve faced so far.

Right now, you are being invited to reflect on your journey thus far and acknowledge the lessons and opportunities you experienced on the way. Everything that you have been through was intricately orchestrated by the Universe to help you become the amazing soul that you are today.

Consider the pieces that make up the whole (just like the world is made up of multiple continents and bodies of water).

Rather than falling into the victim role, take your power back by acknowledging all of the many ways that the World has truly worked for you, not against you.

One of the greatest ways to shift your reality is by changing your attitude to gratitude. Gratitude is truly a spiritual hack of sorts -- it puts you on a spiritual fast track. This is affirming that all the difficulties, challenges and obstacles you’ve faced along the path have mattered.

Take time to thank the Universe for each divine moment today. The World is inviting you to recognize the sacred synchronicities all around you.