The Moon

Oh wow! What a beautiful card for you today...The Moon is shining lovingly over you today.

The Moon card in tarot represents the divine femnine energy and your inner knowing. There is a sacred connection between the Moon and our emotions. In fact, the Moon quite literally controls the ebbs and flows of the ocean just as it controls the ebbs and flows of your emotions as well.

If you pay attention to the actual moon, she only comes out at night but she also sheds a lot of light on certain matters. In her highest vibration, she connects you to your intuition because you are more in tune with your feelings and emotions.

Today is a great day to turn inward and truly evaluate your emotions. Allow yourself to feel them and see where they guide you. If you notice any feelings that don’t feel so good, you don’t have to wallow in them. If you notice feelings that feel amazing, this is an indicator to keep moving in that direction.

The Moon card brings forth the message that a feeling is a fact. She is nudging you to lean into what messages your own emotions are trying to show you!