The Moon

Have you been feeling anxious or noticing more fear-based thinking showing up for you? Today is the day to release that negativity!

The Moon card in tarot represents all we keep hidden, even from ourselves. If you pay attention to the actual moon, she only comes out at night. And in this context what the Moon is asking from you is to bring whatever is holding you back to the light to let it go!

The Moon is connected to the subconscious, or the hidden parts of yourself. Any fear based thinking, learned behaviors, or dismissive/defensive behaviors lie back here until they are triggered and you act irrationally. It’s your duty to reprogram your subconscious when the Moon shows itself in the reverse.

Fear of scarcity, fear of what could or might happen, fear of illness, and fear of losing security are topping the list. Release these things as much as you can today!

We never do our best when facing challenges or difficulties with a mindset based on what we’re afraid of happening. It’s time to use your divine connection to move past conscious, or even unconscious fears that might be holding you back.