The Lovers

Feeling lonely lately?

Today’s message for you comes from The Lovers card in reverse. The Universe wants you to know that you won’t be alone for long, but you must first give yourself the love and affection that you truly desire.

Someone or something that truly resonates with your soul wants to make its way into your life just as much as you long for them to be there -- but are you ready to receive this blessing?

When The Lovers show up in a reading, it’s not always about romantic relationships. The Lovers could refer to the feeling of harmony, alignment, passion in life, and positive healthy relationships. First and foremost, you must build a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can attract and activate the energy of the upright Lovers card.

The connections and partnerships we form are really about us starting from the inside out. Our relationships are mirrors reflecting back to us what we need to see so we can grow into the best versions of ourselves.

To attract the love that you’re desiring, work on your inner world so that the relationships you form will be the ones that are in alignment with who you are as a divine being.

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