The Hierophant

Today, the Hierophant is reminding you to connect back to your roots, your ancestors, and practice your rituals. Sometimes, tradition and routine can help keep you grounded!

Even the smallest routines keep the best of us connected and centered. After all, humans are creatures of habit.

You are being guided to start some of your own special rituals right now, as The Hierophant card is being called forth today. The best way to create your own practices is to bundle things you want to do with things you need to do.

Right now you are being asked to create a spiritual ritual or rituals that help you connect into the divine instead of simply waiting for divine inspiration to strike. Carving out time each day to devote to your personal development and spirituality will take you much farther than you could have ever imagined.

Do you feel more connected to the Universe while you’re in nature, in water, in the morning, at night, or around certain moon cycles? Incorporate those natural cycles into your schedule as well.

Whatever ways you feel more synchronized with the divine in your life, you’re being called to honor it now. This is about you and your personal relationship with source.