The Hanged Man

Oh no! The Hanged Man in reverse is showing up for you today with a very straight forward message from the Universe. Today is the day to shift your perspective before you become stuck, stagnant, or discouraged.

The Universe is inviting you to take a much needed pause and reevaluate how you’ve been viewing what’s really going on around you. Is the way you’re viewing the world askew?

Just like a child might hang upside down from the branch of a tree, The Hanged Man is letting you know that you are the only one viewing things upside down -- not everyone else. Today brings forth the opportunity to flip this card upright and your perspective upright.

Your guides, angels, and ancestors are really encouraging you to take this message seriously because it could change the course of your life. After all, everything starts in the mind.

The Hanged Man is asking you to take a quick hiatus today to do some inner work before this next chapter in your life truly begins -- or the Universe will provide you the much needed ‘time-out’ for you.

What you’ll learn now is exactly what you’ll need to succeed going forward on your divine path. Be open to new information as it presents itself to you.