The Fool

It’s a time for new beginnings!

The Fool card is showing up for you today, meaning it's time to shift out of the old and step into the unknown!

This can be a bit frightening, but the Universe is celebrating your courage and gumption in this new venture today! Your guides are so excited to see that you're open to freedom, exploration, wonderment, curiosity, and whatever new experiences cross your path.

This is a time of great potential and spontaneity with the opportunity to use your creative mind and playful spirit! You are being called to follow your heart and finally take that leap of faith. The Universe has your back!

The Fool shows up when it’s time to let go of old opportunities that no longer serve us and invite in new experiences.

What is it you’re ready to let go of? Where are you ready to see some opportunities show up? Where do you want to feel the sense of freedom you desire?

This is your invitation to relax, play, and have fun in the process and to leave fear, anxiety or worry about the unknown BEHIND YOU. Today is the day to bravely take the next steps into your own adventure.