The Fool

The Universe wants to pose a question to you today, “What happens if you fly? Why do you always imagine yourself falling?”

The Fool card is showing up for you today in the reverse to bring the encouraging message of a new chapter in your life -- but you need to resist this change.

You’ve been wishing for something new, something exciting and passion-filled -- yet, you’re still clinging to what you already know. It’s time to shift out of the old and step into the unknown!

This can be a bit frightening, but you’re going to need to find the courage within to move forward even if you don’t know all of the details. Your guides are inviting you to feel what it truly feels to be free, explore, and curiously explore new opportunities that may cross your path.

This is a time of great potential and spontaneity with the opportunity to use your creative mind and playful spirit! You are being called to follow your heart and finally take that leap of faith. Trust that the Universe has your back!

Humans like to think that they can control everything -- but to truly enjoy life, you must release control and flow with the rhythms of the Universe. This is your invitation to relax, play, and have fun in the process and to leave fear, anxiety or worry about the unknown BEHIND YOU.

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