The Empress

Today, the Universe is inviting you to trust in your divine feminine energy.

The Empress card showed up fiercely for you today, wishing to help remove any creative blockages you may have. Tapping into the feminine energy isn’t the easiest task because most of this process involves believing in what you can feel rather than what you can see.

You are being freed up to access your own inner power. This means that the power that you are tapping into falls within your soul’s dreams and aspirations. How do you feel when your mind wanders and you start to day dream? THAT is the creative energy you need to tap into.

The divine feminine energy of the Empress is not confined by logic, earth boundaries, or practicality. Invite the Universe to help you to tap into the Empress energy within you so that you can easily access your intuition, bring forth new and innovative ideas, as well as attract an overflowing well of abundance!

If you don’t feel connected at all, try to spend some time in nature today. Mother Earth shows us the divinity of fminine energy everyday by bringing things to life every single day. She shows us the importance of nurturing and patience in the creative process.

Instead of looking to anyone else to help you realize your prosperity, The Empress is a call for you to stand strongly on your own two feet or get grounded like the strong roots of the many trees that surround you!