Temperance is showing up for you with a strong message of finding balance in your life.

Does that resonate with you? If so, the Temperance card asks you to take the middle path at this time. But don’t worry -- you don’t have to sacrifice anything to find balance this time, it’s about being patient enough to find the divine concoction that works for you.

In the past, you may have been prone to overindulging in different areas of life (overeating, drinking, spending, or too much time in negative mindsets). The Universe is proud to see that you’ve devoted more of your time and energy into activities that bring you positive energy, which helps restore balance in your life.

Temperance helps you remember to stay calm and wait on divine timing to get what you truly want and deserve, even in the face of stressful situations or people. It’s not the time to overdo, take a stand, or go to extremes.

To be best able to invite in the energy of Temperance, take an honest look at where you’re starting to become impatient and remind yourself that everything will work out with less resistance, stress, and negative thoughts. Instead, focus on how amazing you will feel when that divine moment presents itself and you are ready to move forward with your manifestations.

Temperance is all about you being the peacekeeper right now, and that means starting with peace within you.