Have you felt recently like it might be time for a detox? Or balancing?

Temperance is sending you a strong message -- it’s time to slow your roll.

This card is all about taking the middle path, not rushing, or sacrificing anything right now. In fact, the Universe is going to bring forth life lessons surrounding alchemy!

If you’ve been overindulging in any area (overeating, drinking, spending, or too much time in negative mindsets), it’s a reminder that it’s time to gently come back to your divine center. This is truly where all the magic happens if you can maintain this space.

Alchemy is the art of making something out of nothing, or truly tapping into your power as a co-creator. This means that you can create any reality that you want and you don’t have to compromise. Amazing right?

The main ingredient when manifesting or alchemizing your power is patience. The Universe is asking you to trust that exactly what you want will make its way to you.

To be best able to invite in the energy of Temperance, take an honest look at where you’ve been impatient, overdoing, numbing out with anything that doesn’t serve you, or where your life just feels out of whack.

Temperance is all about you being the peacekeeper right now, and that means starting with peace within you.