Oh, WOW! You are coming into a very powerful time! The Strength tarot card is exuding very positive energy today.

The Strength card shows up when it’s time to work through beliefs of lack, self-doubt, and truly step into your individual power. This is no easy feat, however, it is necessary to reach the next level of your life!

The Strength card is a sign that you need to find the courage within to level up your life.

The number “8” on this card also signifies determination, influence, authority, courage, and represents the inherent power you hold as part of your essence, the infinite part of your soul.

Whenever the Strength card shows up, it is a sign you are ready to be fueled by your own inner strength, personal power, strong will and you have the ability to overcome any obstacle.

This is a sign your influence and charisma is growing but be sure to be in control of your ego. The Strength card asks you to consider the areas of your life, [[firstname]], where you would like to see yourself being more of an influencer, using your inner confidence and gentle motivation.

It’s time to step further into your expertise on a particular subject and to release any self doubt and tap into your inner strength.