Today, the mighty Seraphim angels are supporting you in reigniting your love for life, passion, and uplifting your spirit.

Although you may be going through a lot today on the physical level, you are divinely protected through a huge transition in your life by the Chief Prince of Seraphim Angels, Seraphiel!

Seraphiel brings the message that a new initiation to the next level of your life is on the way -- please, don’t shy away from the changes that are going to happen inevitably. Instead, lean into their support and protection and have faith.

Seraphiel is unlike any other angel you may have heard about -- he’s the Chief Prince of the Seraphim angels. Physically, he stands over seven ft. tall and is known to have four faces, six wings, and a mighty roar like a lion!

Seraphim angels are protectors, warriors, and divine gatekeepers of love, light, and fire which is why they exude this undeniable lioness courage and mighty roar! Serpahiel is more than ready to fight on your behalf!

All you have to do is raise your frequency to one of faith and trust that the Universe is working with your best interest in mind.