Page of Pentacles

Have you been having dreams of your bank account growing overnight?

Your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors want you to know that you have a new financial opportunity approaching! They sent you the abundant message of the Page of Pentacles today.

This brings forth tons of earthly energy, meaning that you’re being presented with an opportunity to materialize your goals and ideas, most likely receiving monetary rewards for them!

The Universe recognizes that you’ve been hard at work, developing your craft.

Spirit also feels the drive and passion you have when it comes to what you’ve been working on -- your guides want you to know that they are so proud of your commitment and persistence!

This isn’t just any regular pentacle card energy either -- the PAGE of pentacles is an invitation from the Universe to explore what it feels like to be more financially secure.

This is the time to welcome new opportunities to your material life – a new job, a new business, or a financial windfall.

Again, this tarot card brings forth the initiation energy to begin implementing new ways of bringing money into your life.

It’s very much a gift -- but you do have to use this energy, not just expect these miracles to roll into your reality with little to no effort.