WOW! Archangel Michael wants to deliver a personalized message to you today.

As you know, Michael is the ultimate protector of both the angelic realms and your human experience. He is here to support and defend the lightworkers of our planet.

Archangel Michael is proud of the work you’ve been doing to increase your spiritual connection and awaken others.

Michael knows that the duty of a lightworker is not an easy one at all -- you’re literally a warrior for light and love. He wants you to know that you can always ask for assistance so that you can avoid becoming exhausted, tired, or overwhelmed.

Michael is mighty himself, but he also has other angels to assist him also. Asking for help does not make you weak!

It’s important that you head this message now because the world needs you to continue fighting the good fight!

If there is anything that is holding you back from fully accomplishing your goals, simply ask for Michael to mightily cut the emotional cords so that you can create better boundaries and release attachments.

Feel the strength of Michael now and lean on him when you need to.