Your life is about to take a magnificent turn for the best! The fiery presence of Metatron is showing up persistently, ready to support you in moving forward with your divine life path.

His message for you comes at a time when you have been asking for the extra energy to move forward on a project or idea, but have felt stagnant no matter what you try to do.

Metatron is one of the few archangels who was once a human (based on the ancient texts), so he appreciates the journey and wants to help you understand the gravity and meaning of yours.

He uses his knowledge of sacred geometry and esoteric wisdom to help humans connect with the higher realms, stay on their divine path, and tap into their true power.

Metatron wants you to know that it’s time for you to release any negative or dense energies holding you back. All you have to do is ask for assistance and he will send fiery reiki energy your way.