Right now, Archangel Matariel is showing up for you strongly...

As the Archangel that rules over rain and precipitation, Matariel is hoping to bring you healing through a deep cleanse of old energies that no longer serve you.

He can see that your mind, body, and soul have a thick, dark cloud surrounding you. Although you’ve been trying to stay on your divine soul path, Materiel has shown up for you today to help wash away some of the old habits that old versions of yourself clung to.

Everyone in the world needs a hand from Archangel Matariel, so the fact that he is making his presence known to you now says a lot! He listens for those who need assistance with clearing old energy and releasing hindering habits.

Just as the rain cleanses the earth and nurtures new growth, Materiel will do the same for you. You’re not alone is this journey -- he wants you to know that!

Simply ask Matariel to help you clear out the old you while at the same time nurturing you to become your best, highest version of yourself.