Today, the Judgement card has shown up for you in the reverse. Are you resisting the call to level up in your life?

One of the main things that can hold us back is self sabotage and self-doubt. We start to criticize ourselves no matter what we do.

The Judgement card showed up today to let you know it’s time to look at what is true and real in certain aspects of your life. This includes outing your inner critic (who is NOT telling you the truth about yourself)!

The reversed Judgement card in a tarot reading is focused not on what is good or bad, right or wrong but asks the question, “what is or is not working for you?” in every situation.

You are being asked to use this time as a wake-up call to ask yourself if you are listening to your intuition and inner knowing.

Where are you fooling yourself or ignoring your own wisdom? The angel at the top of this tarot card is blowing the holy trumpet, inviting you to ascend. Don’t miss this opportunity because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not worthy.

Use this day to activate the positive energy of the Judgement card by reaffirming your divine worth!