The Archangel Jophiel has some guidance to offer you today and I truly hope you’ll listen.

Jophiel is one of the seven principle archangels and her gifts are centered around bringing beauty to any and all aspects of life, especially when your perception is cluttered or you can’t seem to find anything enjoyable anymore.

Jophiel’s supernatural healing brings in and creates calmness, peace, and pleasure in our lives. Right now, she wants to help you level up your life, your space, your belongings, and if you’re up to it: how you present yourself to the world.

This might mean it’s time to update your wardrobe, even adding a few new pieces that light you up (while giving back and donating clothes that do not fit your frequency anymore). Or trying a new haircut, style, or self-care regime.

Jophiel is wonderful at helping to reduce clutter and create spaces that support you in the work you’ve come to do in the world, including creating sacred spaces for you to take the time to sit and meditate, pray, or commune with the divine.

Jophiel brings the reminder that a big part of the human experience is expression and enjoying the beauty in your life, for you to feel beautiful in your own skin, and see the beauty around you. As well as move from negative to a more positive mindset when we are upset.

To call on Jophiel you can simply ask for her assistance by repeating her name in your mind and ask her to bring in more beauty to your life.