Today is the day that Archangel Chamuel is showering you with love. By the end of the day you’ll be radiating self-love.

Archangel Chamuel brings forth the message that you’re supposed to put yourself first before anyone else so that your cup can begin to overflow. That is the best way to share and spread love.

You’ve already experienced what it feels like to try to give from a cup that is half-full.
You were never able to fully recharge. The angels are happy to see that those days are over for you!

You are a divine spiritual being having a human experience. Your human side needs to be cared for just as our spirits thrive when we are doing what brings us joy along our path.

Archangel Chamuel sends a gentle reminder that self-love is a soul level acceptance of ourselves that leads to a feeling of inner peace and serenity.

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