Today, you are being tapped on the shoulder by the angel of self-love! Archangel Chamuel is showing up for you, reminding you that it’s time to put yourself first.

How many times do you find yourself making sure everyone else has what they need and gets taken care of BEFORE you even begin to consider what you want or need?

The days of pouring from an empty cup have gone and passed -- you deserve to be nurtured and cared for, too!

Self-love is a soul level acceptance of ourselves that leads to a feeling of inner peace and serenity. Chamuel also shares that it’s self discipline and showing up consistently for yourself each day.

When you know you’ll take care of yourself no matter what’s happening around you, Chamuel reminds you’ll also see all the ways the Universe is also taking care of you!

Take a day and treat yourself to something special. Archangel Chamuel is supporting you right now.