Today, angel Camael is sending you a special message -- you’ve been doing amazing at keeping your eye on your own prize.

Archangel Camael is with you right now and wants you to know that he knows you’ve been slighted recently by someone, but he wants to congratulate you on trusting him and the Universe to take care of their punishment rather than you holding onto those negative feelings of resentment and vengeance.

You see, Archangel Camael’s name holds so much power. He is very close to the all-seeing eye. It literally means “he who sees God.”

Right now, you’ve fine-tuned your gift of discernment and clarity -- which honestly can be difficult to do.

No matter how upsetting, you’ve recognized that finally being able to see the truth of matters in front of you is a gift. The angels recognize that you chose the higher road and did not let anyone bring you out of character.

Archangel Camael is a mighty angel that is in charge of 12,000 fiery angels of destruction, appointed by this universal source of power to administer divine justice when necessary. He is here to do the Universe’s work today!

He also presents the energy of power, invisibility, and invincibility, showing those that he is with the way to clear karmic debts with integrity.

Your angel guides want to see you carry out your divine soul path with as much ease and grace as possible. Today, focus on fulfilling your divine soul path -- everything else will be taken care of.