Right now, Archangel Barbiel is shining brightly over you -- you’ve passed so many tests that the Universe has thrown your way!

Our human experience doesn’t always promote healthy ways of transmuting negative emotions, but you saw how important it was to learn this valuable skill.

Low vibe humans teach society that revenge and hatred is the best way to get back at someone for slighting you, but you know better and your actions have reflected your good heart!

You know that the Universe always gives back the same energy that you put out -- so you’ve made it a point to show compassion, gratitude, and love in every interaction with those around you -- even if they didn’t show you the same energy.

Archangel Barbiel is so proud that he was able to witness you bask in your love and light energy. He also wanted to share that you have every right to stand up for yourself -- he will help you do so the right way.

He holds a fiery sword that cuts through the darkness, exposing truths and also highlighting the best way to handle them. Now, he is igniting your path towards healing, power, transformation, and protection for the future.

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