What are you holding on to?

Angel number 999 is showing up for you today strongly because there are some chords that must be cut before you can truly flourish.

Angel number 999 brings the message that once one door closes, another beautiful one opens! Trust in the fact that the Universe has your best interest at heart. Even when it hurts to move on, have faith that something much better is on its way to you.

999 is a potent energy that the Universe sends your way when your subconscious is operating from the “lack” mindset. This will never serve your highest good.

It can be difficult to not look back and miss what you once had or worry that you won’t find anything better. That’s just because you haven’t had the chance to experience it better yet!

Trust that the future is much brighter than this current moment. Simply remember that those circumstances served the old version of yourself -- not your highest self.

999 is inviting you to believe that you are worth more and deserve the absolute best.