8 of Swords

You have got to get out of your own way!

The 8 of Swords card shows up in a reading, it means that you could potentially be blocking your blessings.

You are being reminded of the power of your mind -- it can be used to create your beautiful reality or a world full of fear and anxiety.

The choice is yours!

When you look at the traditional 8 of Swords card, it shows a woman that is blindfolded, chained, and surrounded by a cage of swords. Since the Swords suit represents the mind in tarot, this shows that your mind is turning into a prison of sorts.

If you study the 8 of Swords card closely, you can see that her handcuffs are simply loosely bound chains that can easily be slipped off if she didn’t believe that she was really stuck. Again, she is the only one who believes that narrative and keeps herself there.

The Universe is giving you a clear message that you are the only one who can free yourself. Once you decide to finally let those chains rest at your feet, you can take your own blindfold off and see the complete picture.

You’ll in fact find that there are ample opportunities for you to slip through the spaces between thet swords that once stood as a cage.

Instead of looking to anyone else to help or tapping into the victim mentality, the Universe is calling you to be your own savior here by releasing anxious thought patterns today.