7 of Swords

Whew! The 7 of Swords is showing up for you today as a warning...integrity is the best spiritual protection.

If you’ve been having some not-so-good thoughts cross your mind lately, your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors want you to know that nothing good will come out of trying to take shortcuts. You know this -- they are just reminding you!

When the 7 of Swords card shows up in a reading, it means that there is a level of manipulation, deception, theft, or trickery about. This doesn’t mean that you’re the one up to no good, but your guides want you to lean into your intuition and discernment to protect yourself at this time.

The Universe has laws -- laws that cannot be broken no matter how smart anyone else thinks that they are.

You’ve heard it before -- karma is a…

Many people find it difficult to stay positive and stay in integrity because there is just so much in the unknown. However, trusting in yourself and your divine spiritual network of angels, ancestors, and guides will get you much further than any trickery ever could.

The unknown can be full of miracles or despair depending on what reality YOU are creating internally.

If you feel that you’re in such a place of lack right now that you are considering taking from someone, manipulating, or tricking those around you, the unknown may not have anything promising for you.

On the other hand, the highest frequency message of the 7 of Swords card brings forth an emphasis on your mentality and maintaining a positive mindset.