Don’t freak out -- angel number 666 is showing up in a very positive way for you today!

Despite all of the negative connotations that come with this angelic number, it’s truly one of magic and alchemy!

666 brings forth mysterious energies of the darkness -- in a good way!

666 is a reminder of the power that you have to transmute any and everything that does not sit right with your spirit.

Funny enough, that has a lot to do with financial manifestations. Angel number 666 wants you to understand that your soul’s top priority is to experience happiness, joy, and purpose here in this human experience -- not just collect money or materialistic things.

666 is a reminder to focus on how you can attract abundance in all forms, not just focus on numbers or what you might not have in your current reality at the moment.

You are so much more wealthy than you realize right now, in this very moment. Angel number 666 is s reminder to remain appreciative and that gratitude will attract the monetary resources you need to truly cultivate happiness in your life.

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