Slow down today -- the number 6 is showing up for you persistently.

Take time to observe your thoughts before they consume you!

The Universe is trying to teach you a valuable lesson right now: how to transmute negativity to positivity. Maintaining negative thought patterns will eventually turn your reality into a negative experience -- it’s better to learn this now rather than later!

At the core, it’s important to understand that your reality is a reflection of what’s taking place internally. Practicing meditation is one of the many ways that you can slow down and observe your thoughts so that you can pinpoint what needs to be transmuted.

Right now, you’re tapped into powerful manifestation energy and the Universe wants you to take advantage of this magical window! Make sure what you’re putting out into the Universe is what you truly want to attract.

If you can practice managing your thoughts, you will be rewarded with the wealth and abundance that you truly desire!