Wow! The angels are with you right now. Number 4 is shining brightly upon you today.

The force behind the number 4 is angelic and very positive, providing reassurance when you need it the most.

4 can be found throughout nature -- there are 4 elements that are the 4 cornerstones to creating everything that mother earth has to provide us and 4 seasons that help us to understand the natural cycles of life.

When the number 4 shows up in your life, the Universe is congratulating you on your diligent work and connection to spirit. Through all the ups and downs, your guides feel your devotion to becoming your highest self and they want you to know that they support you!

Although seasons may change and you may have to tap into different facets of yourself at different times to adjust to those changes, the number 4 is a reminder that you are a beautiful, multifaceted soul that flows with the current of life.