2 of Wands

The 2 of Wands is showing up for you today in the reverse, reminding you that impulsive decisions may sometimes lead you into situations that don’t best serve you.

Your guides are warning you that not everything that you’re hoping to come to fruition can happen without the proper planning. Trust in the advice that the Universe is trying to share with you today…

There is a reason that both masculine and feminine energy exist. Divine masculine energy plans, strategizes, and uses details and facts to come to conclusions. Divine feminine energy allows for flow, creativity, feeling, and intuition to run wild.

When the Two of Wands card shows up in a reading reversed, spirit is trying to share that you haven’t planned enough for your divine feminien energy to truly flow. THe energies are out of whack. Take time to balance them once again.

Your spirit guides want you to use today to use your mind right now and not rely so much on your feelings. Feelings are a guidance system that can lead you to taking strategically planned inspired actions towards your goals.