Understanding the Concept of Meditation

There are many reasons why people meditate. Some do it because they want freedom in their mental health or even to better their physical wellness. Some do it so as to get great and life changing ideas or to get clear directives for certain issues. Meditation is an art that should be mastered so that you can get the best out of it. You should therefore have the necessary techniques of meditation, and they are very simple.

The most obvious thing to do if you are on meditation is to get away from anything that can distract you. Meditation demands that your entire being is in harmony and concentration with pin point accuracy, and this cannot happen when your phone is ringing or the children are running around. You cannot also do meditation when the television is on or when you have a cake baking in the oven. You strictly need to detach yourself from the “other self” that does daily work and that fulfills his/her duties. 

Just as it is impossible to find beds in the library where people go to study, your meditation room or place should be one that encourages good posture, many people complain that they fall asleep when meditating, but this is quite expected if you meditate when lying on the bed in your warm and cozy beddings. 

Sitting upright is the best position you can adapt during meditation, because the straighter your spine is, the better the effectiveness of your meditation. Sit upright on a firm and flat place, and support your spine with pillows if necessary. The neck should also be upright and straight to ensure a good posture of your back. 

When your meditation posture is okay, close your eyes, and be deliberate in every step you take. When the eyes are closed, concentrate on your facial muscles. Being aware of them will enable you to be deliberate in making them relax. Spend the first five minutes relaxing. Remember to be deliberate in all this, because relaxation will rarely come naturally. Watch your breathing pattern, too. 

Breathe softly and completely, and concentrate on your breath. Breathing completely means that you should ensure that you fully but gently breathe in and out, without letting residues remain. Pause for a short time at the end of every breath you make. When distracting thought come, do not just restrain them; recognize them and deliberately cause then to smoothly flow away by replacing them with virtuous thoughts.

Meditation and Medicine

Meditation is one of the arts that are known to have positive effects on the health of a human being. There is what meditation does to the human brain that makes it work for the entire health and wellbeing of the person who practices it. Scientists have proven that there are changes that occur in the different parts of the brain when one meditates which cause positive effects on health. 

The part of the brain responsible for all reasoning, known as the frontal cortex, switches off during meditation. This automatically ensures that one is not directly conscious of their emotions and thoughts, so that stress levels go down. The part of the brain that makes you become conversant with your surrounding is called the parietal lobe, and this also shuts down during meditation. 

The reticular, whose main job is to ensure that the brain is alert by receiving incoming info, pauses and allows the brain to be “idle” per say. There are different waves in which the brain operates to bring out different results. The best wave the brain can be in for physical healing, mental sharpness and psychological wellness is the alpha wave pattern – meditation ensures that the brain switches to this state.

When you make meditation a regular practice and you learn to do it in the right way, then you are in for a boost in your psychological and physiological health status. There are many benefits that meditation brings to your health. Stress is one giant that meditation deals with. Stress has been known to cause most disorders and diseases, ad it also causes social disorders. Meditation is able to bring your being to a level where stress levels are very minimal and manageable. 

A person who does good meditation also becomes relaxed, hence becoming less anxious and less likely to get depression. Meditation also ensures that one is in control of their emotions and that one is not irritable; such qualities make one even more socially acceptable. Meditation also improves alertness and results to greater memory, wider scope of reasoning, better creativity and a higher faculty to learn. 

The pulse rate and blood pressure lowers because of meditation, thus ensuring that the heart and other organs are not overworked. Also, the flow of blood to organs is boosted, ensuring that tissues are supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Cholesterol levels are lowered and free radicals, that cause cancer, are reduced. General pain is reduced because of relaxation and oxygenation of muscle tissues. Meditation has benefits that are indispensable, and you should adapt this practice.

Self Discovery – The Key to a Happier Life

The term “Self discovery” means identifying yourself and your needs. Even though it may hear a small word, in reality, it has a huge meaning and a huge role in people’s life. You may dream of leading a certain kind of life, but when you enter that kind of life, you do not seem to be happy. This makes self-discovery very important. If you do not discover yourself, and know exactly what you want form life, you always tend to be unhappy. This is the major reasons why counselors go for self-discovery sessions. However, even without the help of counselors, you can discover yourself if are a little aware of your needs and feelings.

The first step to self-discovery is identification of your needs. Most of the people do not know what they want. They keep on searching for one thing and when they achieve that thing, they still are unhappy. To identify your needs, you first need to sit in a quiet place and relax yourself. 

Then, when you are in a relaxed state of mind, meditate and focus on your thoughts. Ask yourself questions like what makes you happy, what makes you sad and so on. Along with the question of what, also ask why it makes you happy or sad. Seek a deep and strong reason behind it, not any fragile reason. After you have the answer to all your questions, write them down in a piece of paper in a tabular form so that whenever you see it, you can understand it. This finishes the identification session. This is the most important part of the session of self-discovery. 

Next, you have to prioritize your needs that you have identified from the first step. You may have several reasons that make you happy, but it is not possible to implement them altogether. Therefore, you have to prioritize them into first, second, third and so on. This will make everything systematic and you can get all the happy things done one by one. Since you have also noted the things that make you sad, therefore, you can stay away from those things. There will be no confusions anymore if they are well written in paper as well as well engraved in your mind. 

Next is executing these happy moments into actions. Thus, you discover yourself and lead a happier life if you are a well-disciplined and good follower of instructions.

Can Writing the Story of Our Life Lead to Self Discovery?

We all dream of something that we wish to do in reality. Some dreams come true while others do not. Again, there are two kinds of dreams – daydreams and night dreams. Night dreams are in our control, but daydreams are those that we wish to think of and go into a state of trance. That is when people call it daydreaming. Studies show that many a time dreams have led to the self-discovery of a person. 

It is not at all an easy task; however, it is not that tough too. Only a little awareness of feelings and common sense can make you discover yourself by the help of dreams. Anyway, the question that is tingling in your mind now is how to discover yourself by the help of dreams. Well, here are some detailed steps that can help you. 

First, as you get up from the sleep, immediately write down the dream that you have seen last night. To do this, you have to keep a notepad at your bed stand so that you can write your dream even before leaving the bed. However, do not try to analyze the dream at this point of time. Just keep it that way and leave for other work.

Second, when you return from work and have freshened up yourself and relaxing, write it as a journal. As you write them on a journal and read them later on, you will get to interpret your dreams and will see that you can identify what makes you happy or sad. This lead to the path of discovering yourself. Often dreams are just an interpretation of the situation that you might be thinking or facing throughout the day. Therefore, we can call dreams to be a part of self-discovery though not entirely a step to self-discovery.  

In a way, it is important for individuals to discover themselves to achieve success. In addition, to achieve success, it is important to dream. Therefore, we can say that dreams and self-discovery are equivalent to each other in terms of success, even though apparently it may seem to have no connection. Moreover, to achieve success, it is also important to have determination, willingness, perseverance, discipline, attention, an eye for details and perfection. And, all of these elements are essential for turn dreams into success as well as self-discovery. Thus, you can only discover yourself when you dream of a thing.

Can Writing the Story of Our Life Lead to Self Discovery?

Discovery is a term that merely means invention. Many famous people have invented many things on this earth, but self-discovery is one thing that all people can do. In fact, to say the truth, all people must do to not only make them happier but also to have a happy world. Since the world comprises of people and they are the unhappy creatures on this earth, therefore, human beings have to be happy in order to make the world a happier place to live in. 

Every person in this earth has a story of their own life, but not many write it down. Very few people write the story of their own life. However, often it is seen that writing down stories of life has led to many self-discoveries and self-awarenesses. Fact is writing the story of your life can make you discover yourself. 

Even if you are living abroad, writing a story about yourself will make you think of your past and this thought of the past will make you realize your past mistakes and in a way make you discover yourself. When you write a story about yourself, you can connect with the emotion that happened in the past. Further, you release the pent up anger or feelings that had been accumulating until then through your writing. Releasing these feelings makes you feel lighter and in a mood to think afresh. 

If you release the book on the story of your life in the market, then you get a further satisfaction. When you release it in the market, many people read the book and they try to relate their feelings to those written in the books. Moreover, you get the satisfaction that you can reach out to a wider range of audience who reads your feelings. Thus, you are able to deliver your feelings to a large audience and in the process, all your anger that you may have written down on that book soothes you. 

It is a simple connection of the mind to your pen when you are writing the story of your life. It is the best if you write story in the first person as that brings more satisfaction to you. Start right from the days of your childhood to the time you are writing this story. Thus, writing the story of your own life is a form of therapy that leads to self-discovery.

Are Dreams Equivalent to Self Discovery?

We all dream of something that we wish to do in reality. Some dreams come true while others do not. Again, there are two kinds of dreams – daydreams and night dreams. Night dreams are in our control, but daydreams are those that we wish to think of and go into a state of trance. That is when people call it daydreaming. Studies show that many a time dreams have led to the self-discovery of a person. 

It is not at all an easy task; however, it is not that tough too. Only a little awareness of feelings and common sense can make you discover yourself by the help of dreams. Anyway, the question that is tingling in your mind now is how to discover yourself by the help of dreams. Well, here are some detailed steps that can help you. 

First, as you get up from the sleep, immediately write down the dream that you have seen last night. To do this, you have to keep a notepad at your bed stand so that you can write your dream even before leaving the bed. However, do not try to analyze the dream at this point of time. Just keep it that way and leave for other work.

Second, when you return from work and have freshened up yourself and relaxing, write it as a journal. As you write them on a journal and read them later on, you will get to interpret your dreams and will see that you can identify what makes you happy or sad. This lead to the path of discovering yourself. Often dreams are just an interpretation of the situation that you might be thinking or facing throughout the day. Therefore, we can call dreams to be a part of self-discovery though not entirely a step to self-discovery.  

In a way, it is important for individuals to discover themselves to achieve success. In addition, to achieve success, it is important to dream. Therefore, we can say that dreams and self-discovery are equivalent to each other in terms of success, even though apparently it may seem to have no connection. Moreover, to achieve success, it is also important to have determination, willingness, perseverance, discipline, attention, an eye for details and perfection. And, all of these elements are essential for turn dreams into success as well as self-discovery. Thus, you can only discover yourself when you dream of a thing.

Signs Which Show a Bad Relationship

Relationships are funny at times and very complicated. There are those times that you feel you are not happy with your relationship and you are trying to figure out whether you are the problem in the relationship. There are however various signs which would tell if you if your relationship is not good enough. 

The first thing is lack of commitment. This simply means that one of you is not devoted to the other. One of you is not very attentive or is not supporting or is not affectionate of the other. This will result as a way of not wanting to do anything for your partner so as to please them and make them happy. And so this will make your relationship to be rocky and unbearable. In this case you will also stop paying attention to your partner and so the compliments also will stop and you will not also appreciate one another. If you notice that your partner is rather negative then you should start asking yourself whether this is the kind of relationship that you want, the only advice would be to move out of it. This is because relationships cannot be successful when it is full of negativity. 

The second thing is infidelity. You should ask yourselves in the relationship whether you both have fidelity in your relationship or there is not. If you have infidelity in your relationship then you should stop the relationship because it is a sign of a bad relation. Many are the times that we are bombarded with information that faithfulness is overestimated but these are just lies. 

The most important thing in a relationship is fidelity because it separates your partner from everyone else globally. This is because it is something that should happen only between partners. This is what makes your relationship strong because your partner knows that you value them to a point that you forsake all other sexual relationships for them. And so when you have infidelity then this shows that you do not respect your partner or they are not good enough.  

The third thing is not having trust in your relationship. You should ensure that you are there for one another and also believe in one another in your relationship. In a relationship there should be no doubts, misgivings or suspicion about your partner because this will mean that it is a bad relationship. Lies would look so petty but the truth is that they bring about mistrust which is the key element in a successful relationship. 

Escaping Toxic Relationships

Not many know the true definition of what a relationship is. Many think of it as an avenue of getting laid while others think of it as a bond between two people who find each other attractive. All these are just but wild guesses. Yes, they make some sense but none of them get even close to the real definition of a relationship. A true love relationship can only be defined by its characters. A true relationship is one that is based on understanding, where none thinks of himself only, one that has an automatic chemistry to it and above all one that is made of frequent arguments and instant make-ups to each.

On the other hand, the exact opposite to this is a toxic love relationship also known as an unhealthy relationship. A ‘love doctor’ once defined toxic love relationships as bonds between two needy individuals. In the long run, it ends up being a union defined by parasitical behavior. Just like the normal parasitical relationships in the animal world, there is a victim and a parasite in these relationships; each with his or her own degree of ‘sickness’. In some cases, the situation is quit mild that one can hardly notice that the relationship is toxic. It is only after the effects reveal themselves that they notice the relationship was unhealthy, but it is normally too late by then. However, there are ways of escaping such relationships.

Once you find out that you are in a toxic relationship, the best thing to do is to leave that relationship immediately before it gets worse. To some, this tends to be too harsh for them to do it immediately. This is normal since the two of you had already formed some kind of bond. However, there is still a remedy for such a scenario.  

All that you are required to do is to take some time off while the two of you re-think things out. Preferably, this should be at least a month and at most three months. In this time, there are certain conditions that the two of you should stick to. They include; not keeping in touch for the whole time, you should reset the clock once one of you goes against the conditions, write letters to each other exposing your feelings and present them after the period is over. Make sure that you meet in a very neutral area. Come to a mutual agreement once you meet or agree to disagree. Make sure the two of you come to an agreement during the final meeting. This is the only way out!

3 Balances of Saving Your Relationship

The word balance is a very common one and it used in everyday life. It is a very important thing if you want to save your relationship. The people who are in relationships which are going down will realize that they have ignored or failed to attain the relationship balance. The thing that you should first understand is the meaning of this phrase. This phrase talks about three diverse types of balance and every type of balance is very important in a relationship if you want it to be successful. 

The first balance is between your choices and behavior patterns, and your partner’s needs. The truth is that we all have choices that work well with us and only suit our lifestyle. However the fact that you have a partner, you will have to prepare yourself for a change of give and take so that you can save your relationship. Adjustments so as to please your partner have got to be made so that you can be in a position to restore your relationship. If by any chance you have contradicting personality characters involved. The truth is that you cannot change your partner’s personality and so what you can do is trying hard to accommodate one another and bring about helpful changes.

The second balance is dependence and independence. If you are having a hard time in restoring your relationship this simply means that one partner is trying to balance dependence and independence. This comes about when you are always dependent on your partner for poignant support, in making decisions, going out, and you have made your partner to feel that he or she cannot do without him. This will make them to feel that they are subdued and ensnared. This usually happens to men and in most cases that feel that the women want so much from them. For you to be able to restore your relationship then you have to note some independence and balance.

The last balance is speaking and listening. This point is self explanatory. There are many people who simply understand these two principles but very few of them implement them. The minute you start quarrelling one another, then you lose your relationship powers. The minute your ears are not working effectively then the thought of you saving your relationship fades away. It is advisable that you listen to one another when you are both at peace. The best thing that you are supposed to do is to take time and listen to one another’s idea about the relationship and then find solutions to the problems in the relationship. With effort you can be able to use these three balances and save your relationship. 

Positive Thinking and Determination Helps One to Attain Goals

Will power is, indeed, a great force in the world. Tenacity of purpose is in most cases a guarantee of ultimate success. On the contrary, a man who wavers at the first sign of difficulty, feels his confidence running out at the initial setbacks and loses enthusiasm at the first sign of failure can never achieve his goal. He is utterly lacking in the most essential condition of success – will power. Some tasks are seemingly impossible, but can be accomplished with determination and hard work. One should not therefore, lose courage in the face of difficulties. 

The efficacy of will power can be demonstrated by numerous examples from the lives of common people. A person of weak constitution who is constantly plagued with one or other ailment can bring about vast improvement in the health merely by a pertinacious observance of certain rules. It may not bear instant results, but will certainly bring about dynamic change in the level of fitness. 

Similarly, a student can win distinction in the examination, if he sets his heart on it and applies himself with sincere determination. The reason why so many students fail in their examinations is not that the students lack the will to pass. They are indifferent to their failure or success, as they have no definite purpose in life. 

No impediments can stand in the way of a person who makes up his mind to attain his objective. There is countless number of examples of people, who in spite of being physically handicapped, have achieved targets, which would appear impossible even to normal people. Such people do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the heaviest odds. Instead, they work systemically to minimize natural deficiencies to achieve their goals. They simply dare to defy their destiny by their hope, courage, enterprise and dedication. 

Any man who pursues his ideals with determination is likely to meet with success. There are countless pupils, whose lives are a classic instance of the triumph of will. They have also known despair, failure and defeat, but what puts them apart from others is that they do not succumb to these setbacks. They continue to work for the achievement of their goals. 

A man with an iron will power, positive approach to life, can certainly pave a way for himself in spite of obstacles and hardships confronting him at every step. The secret of success in life is to carry on steadfastly with eyes fixed on the goals one has set oneself in life. Everyone has within himself the capacity to work hard and the tendency to cultivate a strong will power and optimistic approach, an invaluable asset to succeed in life.

Pitfalls to Avoid in a Home Business

If there is one business that is rapidly gaining popularity among the business elites, it is home business. This is mainly due to the many advantages that are related to this trade. The bad side of this is that only 10% of these individual prosper in the long run. As a matter of fact those that prosper end up building the home business into a fully fledged company. There are various reasons that lead to this high rate of failure in this sector.

 All in all, there are main pitfalls that cause this one of them being poor research methods among the entrepreneurs. For one to fully prosper in this trade, it is compulsory for him or her to have the general know-how concerning each and every little aspect pertaining to the business. What better way to do this other than researching? Therefore, without researching the business is doomed to fail. Do your research on the marketing methods and the dos and don’ts of the trade. This way, you will be in a much better position to oversee the activities of your home business. 

Poor management of time is another very major pitfall in this business. One advantage associated with a home business is the ability for one to work at whatever time they feel best. This is due to the fact the business does not have a specific time for working. However, if misused this tends to become a disadvantage. This mainly happens to those who are not good at managing time. They tend to use up a lot of time in petty issues rather than in matters pertaining to the business. Work plenty and avoid distractions, this is the best way to use up your time.

The act of being a spendthrift in the name of benefiting the business is another pitfall that seems to affect many. In some cases, spending a lot is inevitable. But this does not mean that you spend a lot throughout the entire business. There are many ways of minimizing on the total money spent. For example, instead of buying a very expensive computer system for the business why not go for a cheaper model so long as it can still be used for the business. I know that most of you think that cheap is expensive, but believe me you, it is necessary at times to go for the cheaper option. Finally, always remember that no one is perfect. It is normal for one to ask for help; do it as often as possible.

Ideas That Kill Home Businesses

Home businesses are very good ways of achieving financial freedom. Many have tried the trade but only a handful have succeeded. This is basically due to the killer ideas that many have in their mind relating to the business. To some, these ideas are for the betterment of the business but this is not the case. Most of them lead to the downfall of the company right at the start. 

One of the most common ideas that kill home business is that cheaper prices will help your business attract customers and enter the market. When looking for customers, 0one looks for the kind of client he or she wants. If the price sensitive type are the ones you look for, then you will have to work with them for the rest of the business. As you know, this is not healthy for your business since once you hike the prices, you will be left with no clients at all. Therefore, do not sympathies with your clients at first. Set your prices within the normal range if you expect to maximize this opportunity.

Another very common hazardous idea is that marketing is not necessary. Many lie to themselves that their products or services will sell themselves. According, such an idea is for the lazy individuals trying to avoid the hassle and bustle related to marketing. Truth be told, no matter how good your services are, marketing is quite necessary. How do you expect people you know of it without marketing? This is like planning to drive a car without and engine! Bottom line is that; services or products can never sell themselves.

Others go to an extent of thinking that their businesses are businesses are too small to have a plan. To me, this is quite absurd taking into consideration that even a team participating in a 90 minutes football match requires a plan. Yes, a home business is small but no, it does require a plan. It will soon grow into a massive company, how will you run it when it reaches that stage if you ca not run it as a ‘small business’? A plan is necessary. Finally, some think that their close relatives or friends will help them build the business for free. The best example in this case is designing the website. 90% of such agreements never work since there is no seriousness in them. Look for a professional to do it for you; do not rely on any member of your social group.

If You Could Zoom in on Your Life

If you could take a photo of your life today and then zoom in on something special or important which part of your life would you choose? Would it be something that is causing you distress or something that is an exciting memory or a special relationship?

If your still picture was a movie, what title would you give it? Would you like the experience to continue or do you wish it had never happened? If you could relive this part of your life again, would you? If not, why wouldn’t you?  

Imagining our life as a movie or a photograph is a good way of examining our life and the things in it we like and the things in it we would like to see changed. When we give important life experiences a name, we can focus on the important events in our life and especially on those ones that continue to influence us today. 

Have you ever noticed when you take a wide angled shot of a scene you see a lot of  picture but very little detail and when you zoom in on one part of the picture you miss out on the big picture, though you get a very good view of  one part of the picture that really interests you? 

We often look at life like this. We look at the big picture and forget the details that bring beauty and interest to our lives, or we focus on one thing and forget the bigger picture. Either way, we risk losing our perspective if we only look at life from one or the other perspective. We need both perspectives to understand our life experiences and that is the purpose of giving a name to the scene.  

Revisit your photograph memory again and rethink the situation you were thinking of earlier. How different does the picture look close up and how does it look at a distance. If the picture is distressing, close up, try to zoom back and look at the picture from a distance to give you a big picture perspective. Does it change the picture at all?

Sometimes when we focus on things in our life we feel distressed, but when we see it as part of a bigger picture we can deal with it, even gain and learn something important from it.  Similarly, if we focus only on our life from a distance we forget to appreciate the individual and special things that make life unique for us.

Feeling Down—What Is Your Diet Like?

For a long time, the effect of diet on children’s moods has been the subject of debate. Child Psychologists suggest that diet modification may be an effective way of helping to improve children’s behavior. The effect of diet on an adults well being is being increasingly understood.  

Many adults feel depressed or have no energy to do the things they want to do. People blame their children, their heavy workload, and their lack of sleep. Most people don’t consider their diet as either a cause of their feelings of negativity or a way to reduce stress and understanding this can help many people find some relief from the stress related negative feelings. If you are struggling with negative thoughts and feeling tired and stressed try these diet changes and see if they help you.

  1. Green tea has been identified as an extremely effective stress relieving drink. Drinking green tea in preference to drinking caffeine may help to reduce the effects of caffeine as a stimulant.  Reducing Caffeine intake and drinking green tea are both useful strategies to reduce feelings of stress and tension.
  2. One of the reasons why people instinctively reach for sweet and savory foods when they are feeling down is due to low serotonin levels in the body. Sweet and savory foods can create a sharp sudden spike in feelings of well being and then drop suddenly. They stimulate the production of a hormone called serotonin, which reduce stress and create a feeling of contentment and well-being. 
  3.  A better option is food high in good carbohydrates eaten with a protein source. Eating adequate quantities of both carbohydrates and proteins provide the body with optimum opportunity to produce adequate sustained serotonin levels. Some of the best foods to produce high serration levels are flaxseed, turkey, dark chocolate, fish and seafood, flax seeds, cherries and bananas. 
  4. Restrict the amount of sweet foods in your diet and don’t go follow a low carbohydrate diet. Easting sweet foods and certain starchy foods create and immediate feeling of well being that quickly disappears and leaves a feeling of fatigue and tiredness. 

Taking control of your diet and choosing to exercise regularly helps you regain a sense of control in your life. This can reverse the negative feelings that are associated with poor eating choices. Positive thinking can be the result of feeling in control, even as feeling out of control can create negative thinking.  When a person feels in control, anxiety and stress levels and negative self-talk and thinking usually decreases.

The SMART Theory of Goal Setting

We like to abide by theories; they put a concrete spin on things. They make difficult tasks seem achievable. Even for your goal setting practices, there is a wonderful theory that you can use. This theory, popularly known as SMART, is a strategy you can implement to set goals that you can easily achieve. There are five aspects to this theory; each of the letters of SMART stands for one aspect of it.

S for Specific

The first aspect of goal setting is that you should be specific. Do not set something ambiguous which can be easily misconstrued. For example, “I want to become rich” is a very vague goal which can never be objective. For someone, earning $5,000 a month means they are rich, while another person may not think they are rich even they have earned a million dollars. Instead, the goal should have been more specific like, “I will earn a million dollars this year.” That’s just an example; you get the point.

 M for Measurable

You should be able to measure the success of your goals. In the above example, you can easily measure the success of your goal, because you have revolved it around a number. Other examples are “I will shed 5 pounds this month”, “I will read 2 chapters of this book every day”, “I will add to my wardrobe by 1 new dress each fortnight” and so on.

A for Attainable

Though it is all right to aim for the moon, you should be practical about your goals. You should stay within attainable limits. It is important that your goals should not go beyond your individual capacity too much. It is all right to challenge yourself a bit, but if you go too far, you are only going to lose your motivation and give up.

R for Realistic

If you aim for something like being the first person to live on Mars, your goal achievement won’t be too easy. And if you set something like you want to meet an alien today, it is probably not going to happen. Be realistic when you are setting goals. They should be something that can be achieved, but are just out of your reach for the moment.

T for Time-Sensitive

Give time great importance when you are setting a goal. Everything revolves around the time factor. If you achieve in a year what you needed in a month, the goal is probably not going to help you much.

Keep this theory in mind when you are setting your goals the next time. You will find that you are not only able to achieve your goals, but you can get greater satisfaction out of such achievement. 

Setting Goals—Things That Can Help You Achieve Them

What are the things that can enable you to set satisfying, achievable goals? Here are some points that can help you.

Lucidity of Your Goals

Be very clear in your mind about the purpose of your goal. Why are you trying to achieve it? What will be the consequences? When you can see ahead and realize how the goals can help you, you become more focused on them. Also, chalk out a plan to achieve the goal. This plan should be crystal clear. It should be a step by step process. You should know what exactly you will do after you have achieved one particular step towards goal fulfillment. When you work with clear objectives such as these, you find that achieving the goal becomes much easier.

The Challenge Factor

We all love challenges. Not all of us will want challenges that break our backs, but we do want small challenges that we can fulfill. Hence, when you are setting goals, you should see to it that your goals challenge you. That helps you retain your interest in your goal fulfillment, and once you have achieved a goal which challenged you in some way or the other, you will find yourself much more exhilarated. You will want to do more; you will plan more. This helps you grow as a person.

Know Your Limits

It is also very important that you set goals within your limitations. This does not mean that your goals should just be what you have already done. As said before, set goals that are challenging, but you should have a very practical view of yourself too. You should know what you can do and what you cannot. If you set a very lofty goal, it will only sap your energies and you will not be able to accomplish you. This can disillusion you forever from setting further goals.

Stay Committed

You cannot achieve anything without the right amount of dedication towards it, and your goals are no exception. You have to spend some time and effort, you have to plan and you have to stay committed towards your goals. You cannot just set something for yourself to achieve and then forget about it completely. You have to keep moving in that direction. When you have set a goal, you have to realize that this is just one rung in the ladder of success. You have to climb that, and then you have to move towards the next rung. This is a continuous process that you have to keep at for the rest of your life.

Set Your Goals in an Ascending Order

There are many ways to set goals, but one of the ways that really works is to set your goals in a stepwise, ascending manner. Let us see what this means in greater detail.

Suppose you have to accomplish a goal of buying a new house. This is a huge goal, a life-changing thing, and definitely you are going to go all out when you are planning it.

However, is this going to be possible with just a single goal—“I want to have a house”? That’s quite unlikely. That is why you need to follow the stepwise manner.

The secret is to set your goals in such a manner that they go in an ascending manner. So, instead of one big lofty goal, you could have mini goals like “I will gather money for the down payment”, “I will start looking for a house”, “I will approach banks for a home mortgage”, etc. You could actually make a checklist of these goals and then keep checking them as you accomplish them one after the other.

This method of setting goals helps you in many ways than one. The most important benefit is that your confidence is boosted in more ways than you think. Firstly, when you see that your goal is a small, chewable nugget, then you are not intimidated by it. You feel that you can accomplish it, and therein builds your confidence. And, when you actually achieve that goal, your confidence is boosted to no end.

The other aspect—the subtler one—is that you can easily enlist support when your goals are smaller. Your family and friends won’t be scared of you because of huge goals. They will see the small goals that you may show them, and then they will even agree to contribute to it in whatever way they can. But, if you have huge loans, then people are just going to be too scared to even give it a try.

Also, it is an easier and much more practical process to set a small goal first, and then go on increasing as the earlier goals are accomplished. It is practical because the goal setting process hardly takes any time. You just have to think about a mini goal rather than get into the process of making a scary huge goal at the outset. This makes things easier and eventually you begin to feel that your life itself is headed in the right direction. 

7 Points to Remember When Setting Goals

Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you are setting your goals.

  1. What purpose will this goal achieve? Do you really want that result? Will it help you in some way? This is a very important point to consider. Oftentimes, we set goals without thinking about its importance in our life. We need to set priorities about the things we want out of life when we are setting goals. It is only when the goal is practical and purposeful will we stay motivated to achieve it.
  2. Whose help can you enlist? For most goals we set, we need a collective effort to fulfill them. That is the reason we should be clear in our minds about the people who can help us to achieve our goals. 
  3. What constraints and difficulties will you have when you are setting your goal? Your goal achievement is not going to be a simple process. You will have to exert yourself to some extent. You will have to do things that you won’t ordinarily do. But, it really helps if you know beforehand what kinds of difficulties you might have when you are trying to achieve your goals. Think about these difficulties and how you will surmount them.
  4. Of all the constraints, you will find that there is one constraint, which you can term as the primary constraint. In most cases, this primary constraint is money. It could be something else for you, like a mindset that you have developed and you need to fight with in order to reach towards your goal. Analyze this primary constraint.
  5. Make your plans to fight this primary constraint. You need to move on ahead, and overcoming this chief difficulty is going to take you several notches ahead towards fulfilling your goals. So, focus your energies on this one primary constraint and the remainder of your path will smoothen itself out.
  6. Enjoy the process. You have to always stay motivated and inspired. Read self-help books that can help you. Do things that you like to do, even as you are inching towards your goals. Do not forget your family and friends. Love yourself too. Treat yourself in the way you like, or your body is going to rebel against you and you will find goal accomplishment difficult.
  7. Look forward to the results. You should always want your goals to be fulfilled so bad that you can almost taste it. You want to make it happen. It is only when you are so relentless about it can you make a good deal out of your goal setting and, thus, your life.

These are the things you have to keep in mind about your goal setting. Try them out and you will find that things always work for you. 

Personal Finance—Make Your Own Budget

When people hear the word “finance” mentioned, their mind goes into business and corporate matters. However, the bare truth is that finances start at your piggy bank at home to your plastic money in the wallet to your bank account. 

This is what personal finance is all about. You should be a manager of your own finances, or else you will end up in disaster sooner or later. Finance experts say that if you cannot save at least ten percent of what you are earning, then you are in financial disaster. This means that out of ten thousand dollars, a thousand should go into the savings account. This rule applies regardless of how much money you are earning, and it does not apply to the rich and wealthy, as many people think. 

Personal finance management cannot be done verbally, and therefore there is need to write down the plan so that it will be easy to implement it. It is natural for human beings to forget that they swore never to overspend especially when they are looking at an item that is flashy and exciting, and more so when this item has been their dream item. 

Therefore, a personal finance budget is the way to go. This will keep you accountable, and if you are strict enough to stick to it, then you can be sure to get to the level where you are financially free. Financial freedom is not a point when you get more cash than your bank account can hold; it is that point when your finances are no longer in control of you – you are the one controlling them. 

As you make your personal finance budget, use actual figures. It is wrong to use estimated figures, unless it is quite inevitable. When it is not possible to have the actual prices, make an estimate but ensure that it is on the higher side. 

However, even this is not the best way to go, because you may put unnecessary strain on your budget. Find out the current prices of food items, clothing, entertainment, leisure, beauty, health, and every other need that is predictable. 

Health needs are not easily predictable, but they can only be accurately predicted when you have a member of the family that has a certain chronic illness that requires a certain amount of money every month. However, the 10% named above that should not be spent is what covers any unexpected needs and it also stands to meet any future expenses like a holiday, a car, long term further education, a new house, etc.

Protect Your Personal Finances

What is the present status of your personal finances? The best way through which you can review this status is by first checking your personal savings. You should have constant and consistent saving habits. Also, your dependability on plastic money should say a lot about the status of your personal finances. 

Your personal finances are okay if you can survive for about three months without even looking at your credit cards. If you have accumulated a lot of credit card debts, you need to strategize a way through which these debts ca be aid in the easiest and cheapest way. Consider consolidating your debts, because this will ensure that you pay the debts using a cheaper rate of interest, and this will save you money in the long run. 

The reason why you need to protect your personal finances is because of the insecurity in the people’s financial future. One thing that can make you aware of the need to protect your personal finances early enough is the rate at which jobless people are increasing, the rate at which prices of food and energy are raising and the rate at which inflation is occurring. The interest rates on almost everything are increasing at an alarming rate, and this is very worrying. Therefore, you need to secure the future of you and your family and loved ones by putting in order your personal finances.

You should watch how you manage your debts. One thing that really wastes your cash is the interest rates. Most of the times, one usually ends up paying for more than double of what they actually owe, and this is al because of the interest rates. It therefore is vey detrimental to the health of your personal finances when you are paying more than five credit card debts. The best way you can manage these debts is by doing consolidation. You can approach any financer, say a bank, and ask for a debt consolidation loan. When they accept, they pay off all your debts and consolidate them into one, and you therefore end up paying only one financer, meaning that the interest will be much lower.

Personal finance budgeting is also a must in securing your finances. Budgeting does not only apply to those who earn five hundred dollars every month; it applies to the multibillionaires too. There is absolutely no way your personal finances can be secure if you do not have a good personal finance budget. A budget acts as a guideline to your spending and it ensures that the money is fairly and appropriately distributed among all needs.

How to Stay Positive When You Are in a Negative Environment

We often end up being in a negative environment for a short time or sometimes even for a long term. The best example to this is unemployment. In this economic condition when everyone is losing his or her jobs, negativity often sets into a person. Some people who lose their jobs get a new job within a short span of time, while others have to wait. Some people live optimistically to land some job one day or the other while others get into a depression. However, studies show that optimistic people achieve greater success. This means a person who keeps hope lands up a job faster than one who gets frustrated. 

The frustration and depression reflects on your cover letter and that results in denial of jobs by the employer. An employer can easily find out a low self-esteemed person from a high esteemed person. A low esteemed person has lesser productivity. Therefore, why should a company employ a person who has less productivity and make a loss? Being a negative person, you also search for the wrong job opportunities and thus end up missing more jobs. Therefore, instead going into a depressed state, stand up straight, take things in your stride and keep hope. 

One good technique to stay positive in a negative environment is jot down the positive things that come to your mind or that exists in your life. Do this on a daily basis. For instance, write the names of people who love you, all the possessions that you have acquired these years by sheer hard work and so on. Also, note at least one positive thing that you have done in the day. This will make you feel that you are not useless. You can do the world some good. This feeling is important to stay positive in a negative environment. 

In days when pessimism is likely to set into your mind, engage yourself more in outdoor activities that interest you. You might be a little hesitant at first to go out, but once you go out and engage yourself in the outdoor activities you will start thinking positively. For instance, if you love playing badminton, play badminton for at least two hours every day. Think that you have a holiday and you are pursuing your interests and hobbies during this holiday. Engaging yourself in your interests is not a waste of time rather it is useful. 

Therefore, following these few tips you can definitely stay positive even if you are in a negative environment. 

How to Make Your Marriage Loving and Long-Lasting

A happy and loving married life is a dream for almost any person. However, with the increase in the pace of life, most marriages are ending up in divorce nowadays. Couples are not able to give sufficient time to each other and thus they end up in a break up. However, after break up they realize their faults. It becomes too late then. You can avoid this situation and lead a blissful, happy married life if you pay a little attention to the needs partner and the problems affecting your relationship. 

Say the famous three-worded sentence “I Love You” to your partner everyday in the morning and at night. Although it may seem a bit unusual, but these loving words can make a great positive impact to your relationship. These words must come out straight from the deep love residing in your soul. Only then can your partner feel the emotions related to those loving words. 

We all know that women love surprises. However, studies show that men also love surprises. The only difference is that generally men do not express their emotions on getting a surprise. Therefore, not to make the relationship turn boring, surprises are very important. You can surprise your partner not only on special days, but also on any given day that you want to. 

Make the bedroom special as that is the most intimate and special place for a couple. Keep away all the messes from the bedroom and make it as lively and romantic as possible. Decorate it with candles, flowers and sweet smell commonly liked by both you and your partner. 

If you are having an argument with your partner, do not make it a point to win every time. Placidly listen to the words of your partner and say he was right if you think so. Accepting a defeat may sometimes win you the way to someone’s heart. Therefore, it is not at all insulting to accept defeat. 

Give some space to your partner. Most relationships fade away due to lack of space. However, giving space does not mean you will not involve yourself in any matters and tasks with your partner. This means you give suggestions and let him to decide the rest. 

Finally, look at the needs of your partner daily. A loving husband or a loving wife always takes care of the needs of each other. Therefore, take care of your partner’s needs and shower him or her with love and affection. 

Follow these small tips to make your marriage long lasting, happy and a loving one.

Can Positive Thinking Change Your Life?

Most people nowadays are always in a depressed state of mind due to the pressures of life. Doctors and counselors constantly advices you to thinking think positively in order to set back depression. However, it is tougher to do than to say. Studies show that people who accept defeat sportingly are the happier strata of people and they have an optimistic attitude towards life. 

It often may happen that you get worried out of minor issues arising in your daily life. On the other hand, do you get frustrated when things go haphazard? Do you think that you are not happy as much as others are? Do you get angry at the slightest mistake? If these entire attitudes have covered your life, then learn some positive thinking strategies to make life easier and happier. Only an optimistic person can lead a happy and peaceful life. 

Now you may ask what exactly the meaning of positive thinking is and how important it is. The answer to this is positive thinking is a process of thinking everything in life or surroundings from a positive or brighter side even if it reflects a negative tone. The outlook and approach towards a task should be from a positive point. The thought in your head must enlighten the positive aspects instead of the negative, discouraging thoughts. Once you change your attitude from a pessimist to an optimist, you will find feel all the good vibes. All good things will surround you and give you more energy to move forward in times of depression.

Nevertheless, how do you suddenly change from being a pessimist to an optimist? Well, it is not a matter of sudden change or changing your thinking process within a day. It all depends on time, your practice and willingness. You have to learn to identify your inner voice. This is the first step to make the changes. 

Some people perform an act suddenly without thinking for a second time. They do not think from their whether they really want to do or not. Therefore, first you have to learn to identify your inner voice. After that, always speak in a positive manner. For instance, if you are asking yourself a question, then instead of asking, “Am I not capable of doing this work?” ask, “Am I capable of doing this work?” It reflects a positive attitude. You can find several such examples in your daily life if you put a little attention to what you do. 

Therefore, if you are willing to change your life for the good, then keep a little patience and learn to think positively.

Starting a Home Business—Can You Ensure Success?

The trend right now is to start a home business and hope to earn more than what a 9 to 5 job can provide. This is what most people are thinking about, many are already doing, and quite a few are actually earning all those promised sums of money. But, before you get swayed away and think of a home business plan for yourself as well, there are some considerations that you need to make.

First of all, remember that a home business is, all said and done, a business. Hence, it comes with all the responsibilities and liabilities that go with a business. Maybe they are fewer than with a conventional business, but they still exist. You will still need to manage your accounts, perhaps manage a staff, go through all those difficult routines to get your clients, maintain quality of work, stick to deadline and all that. In some cases, you might also need to see whether you are eligible and apply for licenses.

If you enter a home business with the mindset that everything will be easygoing, then it will be not. You will face difficulties sooner than later. You will find that even in these occupations, you always need to put your best foot forward and work hard. That is important to know.

It is easy to find a home business plan over the Internet. Many of them are asking for people to join in, because they have a commission based income. They earn if you join into their group; that’s all. It is all about bringing other people into the fold. You have to be wary here. It is not totally bad if you join a network marketing group—some of them really mean what they say—but it is very important that you go with the right people.

The first step should be to do adequate research. One good thing about home businesses is that they have a good amount of exposure on the Internet. You will find a lot of information about them on the Internet in the form of blogs and forums. Go visit there and find out what people are saying about these businesses. Also look at social media websites and see what people are saying.

You should also be certain that you will be able to do what the business asks you to do. You should have the knowledge, or you should be willing to learn. See if there is any investment to be made. Generally there should be no investment needed, but if there is, then see if you are willing to pay that much.

The most important thing is dedication. You should have that spirit within you, the spirit that makes you want to be an entrepreneur and work on your own. You should have that spark that propels you to earn and make money for yourself. If you have that kind of attitude, then there should be nothing to stop you. Though success in a home business can never be assured, these are the things that you absolutely cannot do without—the things that take you closer to your dreams.

Managing People Who Work with You in Your Home Business

Working with other people can be fraught with difficulties. Especially when you are a home business entrepreneur, the difficulties can be numerous because here the onus is entirely on you. You are shouldering every responsibility. At the same time, you need to ensure that you get a great job done. Everything depends on how efficiently you can manage your team.

Here are some points that you should keep firmly in mind.

  1. You should always bear in mind that your team is composed of humans. Even though you have never met them or even seen them, they are just as human as you are, and they have strengths and weaknesses just as you do. They have their likes and dislikes as well, and they may have strong opinions about things. Since they are not bound with any contract, they are free to refuse work. Keep all these things in mind and you should be able to work accordingly.
  2. When someone joins your team, you should always make sure to ask them what they would like to do, what their likes and dislikes are. When you do that, you are sure about what kind of work to give them. It is always best to work with people’s interests, because then a better quality of job is assured. If you impose work on someone—work that they don’t want to do—you might end up having to pay for inferior work, which you should avoid.
  3. Establish the importance of deadlines very clearly. In fact, when you start out with someone, give them work to do that have rigid deadlines and see how faithfully they can deliver according to it. Give them bigger and bigger jobs and see how they meet their deadlines. It is important to keep in constant touch with each other. 24 hours = 1 contact, is the Internet norm.
  4. You should always have backup for everyone. Emergencies can occur, and since these people are mostly working from home as well, the possibilities are more. You cannot do a back check in most cases. So, retain several people in your team on a freelance basis, so that you can ask someone else if your regular worker is incapable of working for you on a particular assignment.
  5. Always be ready with your feedback. People who are not working with you physically will want to know that you like their work. It is important for you to establish this fact. When a particular task is completed, you should tell them if they have done a good job and maybe send a little monetary bonus their way as well. This pays off richly when you find people prioritizing your work over others.

These are some of the things that can help you keep up with the people working with you. You need them to continue working well, and hence these things really matter. This is what will help your business to settle and then grow in the direction you want it to go.